RBE knows waste water.  Whether it is an industrial wastewater flow in excess of a million gallons per day from industry, a small specific industrial process, a new facility, expansion, or modification, or an existing operation, RBE has the experience necessary to plan, design, and implement cost-effective, reliable wastewater treatment.


Waste water treatment inevitably results in production of solids.  RBE designs systems to minimize solids which must be managed and to beneficially reuse water to the greatest degree possible.  From initial gravity separation to thickening, dewatering, drying, and ultimate utilization, we give you the experience to effectively manage residuals.  The cost of operation is a major concern for those treating waste water.  Experience with operations allows RBE to design systems with ease of operation and maintenance and energy savings or recovery in mind.  These cost savings provide a payback every year of operation.


Industries may produce wastewater or a resource to be reused.  RBE has substantial experience with treatment of a broad range of industrial  wastewater streams to meet effluent or pretreatment discharge requirements or to be used for additional manufacturing programs.  Physical-chemical treatment to remove inorganics such as metals and cyanide, separate oily wastes, provide pH control, and remove fats and oils have been designed and installed for a broad range of industrial applications.  Biological treatment of high strength waste waters using anaerobic, aerobic, or combinations of technologies have proven successful in meeting stringent direct or indirect discharge permit requirements.  Cost savings are realized through reduced user charges.  Water usage reduction – water reuse – sludge reduction and energy recovery - RBE can provide the waste water treatment/water recovery and reuse system that is right for you.  Listed below are some of RBE’s services specific to:


  • Industrial Waste water Treatment:
  • Characterization
  • Permitting
  • Treatment Method Selection
  • Volume Minimization
  • Design
  • Construction Oversight
  • Operation


Waste Water treatment projects



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