RBE is able to provide design/build and project delivery.  RBE can assist clients in implementing project delivery methods that respond to each client's unique and critical project objectives.  RBE's role in project delivery can range from serving as the owner's representative in performing contract administration, pre-purchasing of long lead-time equipment, and completing design/build and turnkey projects.


Design/build project delivery methods have evolved to address the owner’s desire for delivery, cost control, and alternative management methods for projects as these trends continue to gain in popularity.  These project delivery approaches reduce the owner's burden normally associated with contracting and coordinating multiple parties to implementing capital improvement projects in the traditional design/bid/build format.


Each project has a unique set of site challenges, requiring our professional managers to apply their design expertise coupled with flexible management strategies in the field.  Our staff has developed an understanding for the project objectives in many areas and can demonstrate this by:


  • Assisting with negotiating and securing required environmental permits and regulations.
  • Analyzing design in terms of bidability and constructability for competitive bidding and cohesive implementation.
  • Preparing a flexible, project-specific management plan.
  • Developing the contracting strategy to match construction with funding, coordination of construction with on-going operations and utilizing qualified local help whenever possible.
  • Providing single-source accountability for the entire project while acting as an objective third-party to protect the client's interests.


With this project experience, RBE can offer a full complement of professional services necessary to successfully execute a project from its inception through its implementation and operation.



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